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At Roclla Media Art, we pride ourselves on offering an eclectic array of artistic creations that redefine spaces and inspire creativity. Dive into our product options page to explore a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Whether you're seeking to elevate your living space with one-of-a-kind feature art walls, add a touch of elegance with designer epoxy countertops and tables, or infuse personality with custom wall art and metal prints, you've come to the right place. Discover the craftsmanship behind each piece as we seamlessly blend artistry with functionality. From the raw energy of street art to the delicate strokes of watercolour, from the mesmerizing swirls of fluid pouring art to the timeless allure of black and white creations, our diverse portfolio caters to every taste and style. Immerse yourself in the possibilities as you explore our selection of resin countertops and tables, designed to be both striking and durable. Transform your surroundings with our signature faux feature rock walls, bringing the outdoors in with a touch of rugged sophistication. Enhance your outdoor oasis with garden features that captivate the senses and evoke a sense of tranquillity.

Each product is a testament to our passion for art and design, meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations. Let your imagination run wild as you mix and match options to create a space that reflects your unique personality and vision. Join us on this journey of artistic exploration. Your space is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed, and at Roclla Media Art, we're here to help you make it extraordinary. Start browsing now and embark on a visual adventure unlike any other!
Don't forget, you can also unleash your creativity by creating your own ChromaLuxe prints! Let your imagination run wild as you transform your favorite photographs into stunning, vibrant works of art that will captivate and inspire.
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HD Chromaluxe Print Size
  • 10x10 Inch - 254 x 254mm
  • 12x12 Inch - 305 x 305mm
  • 16x16 Inch - 406 x 406mm
  • 20x20 Inch - 508 x 508mm
  • 24x24 Inch - 610 x 610mm
  • 30x30 Inch - 762 x 762mm
  • 36x36 Inch - 914 x 914mm
  • 40x40 Inch - 1016 x 1016mm
Chromulaxe Print Type
  • HD High Gloss
  • HD Matt

Product Details...
Below you will find more product information and options..
Below you will find more product information and options..
Below you will find more product information and options..


Metal Street Art Print - DJ Custom Metal Prints

Make your walls come alive with this Metal Street Art Print - DJ Custom Metal Prints. Uniquely designed and crafted from the highest quality metal, this wall art is sure to add a stylish and modern touch to any room. It features vivid colour and detail that is fade-resistant. Enjoy this art piece for many years to come.

HD Metal Street Art Print

HD Metal Street Art Print - Experience the breathtaking beauty of Chromaluxe Metal Prints and transform your space into a captivating gallery. These high-definition metal prints bring your favorite images to life with unparalleled vibrancy and clarity. Discover the perfect statement piece for your home or office and immerse yourself in a world of visually stunning art.

Our HD Metal Street Art Print is the perfect piece to give your home or office a unique and stylish look.

Durable Metal Prints (Chromaluxe Prints)

Crafted with durable metal, our wall art is made using a unique technique to give amazing depth to the image. Show off your appreciation for this beloved breed with this one-of-a-kind piece!

Custom Metal Wall Art

Add some personality and uniqueness to your home decor with our Chromaluxe Metal Pet Digital Art - Chromaluxe Prints. This high-quality wall art piece is designed exclusively for American Bully enthusiasts, featuring stunning images of these majestic creatures. It is perfect for hanging in your living room, bedroom, or any other space that needs a bit of character.

Top Quality Printing

Crafted from premium-quality materials, this metal wall art is both durable and stylish. You can rest assured that it will last for years to come. The Chromaluxe printing process ensures that the colours and images are vibrant and long-lasting, so your wall art will never fade or lose its lustre. The metal plate is mounted on a wooden base, which ensures a sturdy and secure hold to the wall.

Measuring From 10 x 10 inches, this wall art piece is a perfect size for adding character and charm to any room in your home. It is easy to install and comes with the necessary hardware for mounting on your wall.

Chromaluxe Metal Wall Art Description

  1. Material: ChromaLuxe metal prints use aluminium panels as the base material. The aluminium is coated with a specialized polymer coating to create a receptive surface for printing.

  2. Size and Thickness: ChromaLuxe metal prints are available in various sizes, ranging from small prints to large wall-sized artworks. Common sizes include 10x10 inches, 12x12 inches, 20x20 inches, and larger. The typical thickness of the aluminium panel is around 0.045 inches (1.14mm) or 0.08 inches (2mm).

  3. Printing Technology: ChromaLuxe metal prints are typically produced using a dye-sublimation printing process. This process involves transferring the image onto a specially coated transfer paper using sublimation inks and then applying heat and pressure to infuse the image into the polymer coating on the aluminium panel.

  4. Image Quality and Vibrancy: ChromaLuxe metal prints are known for their high image quality and vibrant colours. The dye-sublimation process allows for excellent colour reproduction, sharpness, and detail, resulting in a stunning and glossy finish.

  5. Durability: ChromaLuxe metal prints are highly durable and resistant to fading, moisture, and scratches. The aluminium panel provides stability and rigidity, making them suitable for long-term display both indoors and outdoors.

  6. Mounting Options: ChromaLuxe metal prints can be displayed in various ways, including framed, float-mounted, or with standoff wall mounts. These mounting options give the prints a sleek and modern appearance, allowing them to stand out on the wall.

  7. Care and Maintenance: ChromaLuxe metal prints are relatively low maintenance. They can be cleaned using a soft, lint-free cloth and mild soap or glass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the print's surface.

These Are Not Our Standard Aluminium Prints?

We sell three types of metal prints. standard aluminium sheets, brushed aluminium, and HD Chromaluxe aluminium prints see the site for more information.


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Product options
  • HD Chromaluxe Print Size 10x10 Inch - 254 x 254mm, 12x12 Inch - 305 x 305mm, 16x16 Inch - 406 x 406mm, 20x20 Inch - 508 x 508mm, 24x24 Inch - 610 x 610mm, 30x30 Inch - 762 x 762mm, 36x36 Inch - 914 x 914mm, 40x40 Inch - 1016 x 1016mm
  • Chromulaxe Print Type HD High Gloss, HD Matt
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The Perfect


Unleash your creativity with Roclla Media's "Create Your Own Prints" service.
Your vision, your art – we empower you to be the artist.
Transform your favorite piece into a stunning metal masterpiece that speaks volumes about your individuality and style.

ChromaLuxe Brilliance Unleashed:

Where Artistry Meets Metal Experience the elegance of ChromaLuxe, where artistry meets metal. Our prints redefine sophistication, with each image infused into the metal surface to create a seamless blend of form and function.

It's not just art; it's a statement of refined taste. Dive into the captivating depth of ChromaLuxe prints, where every detail pops with a 3D-like impact. The metal surface enhances the visual experience, creating a stunning interplay of light and shadow that adds an extra dimension to your artwork.

Premium Spec

A Symphony of Colours on Metal Immerse yourself in the brilliance of ChromaLuxe, where colours come to life on sleek metal surfaces. Our ChromaLuxe prints transcend traditional boundaries, offering a visual symphony that captivates the eye and transforms your space into a gallery of vibrant hues.

Witness the magic of ChromaLuxe as it seamlessly fuses art and innovation. Each print is a testament to the cutting-edge technology that brings your artwork to life on a metal canvas. Elevate your space with the radiance and modern allure of ChromaLuxe.

Made Different

Made Different

Made Different

Made Different

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChromaLuxe?

ChromaLuxe is a cutting-edge printing technology that involves infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal surfaces. This process results in vibrant and durable prints with exceptional clarity and depth.

How does ChromaLuxe differ from traditional printing?

Unlike traditional printing methods, ChromaLuxe prints offer a unique and modern approach by transferring inks into the metal surface. This creates a lasting, vibrant image with enhanced durability and a distinctive, reflective quality

Are ChromaLuxe prints suitable for any type of artwork?

ChromaLuxe is incredibly versatile and works well with various types of artwork, including photographs, digital designs, paintings, and more. The vibrant colors and high-resolution detail make it an excellent choice for showcasing a wide range of artistic expressions.

What makes ChromaLuxe prints stand out?

ChromaLuxe prints stand out due to their vibrant colors, exceptional clarity, and durability. The metal surface adds a unique luminosity, creating a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that sets them apart from traditional prints.

Are ChromaLuxe prints suitable for outdoor display?

While ChromaLuxe prints are durable and resistant to fading, it's recommended to display them indoors or in covered outdoor areas to ensure the longevity of the colors and quality.
Can I clean and maintain ChromaLuxe prints easily?
Yes, ChromaLuxe prints are easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to preserve the integrity of the print.
What framing options are available for ChromaLuxe prints?
ChromaLuxe prints can be framed in either a sleek white or bold black frame, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your artwork. These framing options are designed to complement the modern aesthetic of ChromaLuxe prints.
Can I customize the size of ChromaLuxe prints?
Yes, Roclla Media offers customization options for ChromaLuxe prints, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your space. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and create a personalized masterpiece.
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